LED Undercar Kit

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$300.00 - $900.00

Product Overview

StreetGlow LED Undercar Kits

StreetGlow LED Undercar kits utilize our Heavy Duty LED Strips, built to withstand rigors of the harsh environment usually found underneath vehicles. Each Kit includes all necessary hardware and instructions for plug-n-play experience. Avaliable in four kits and seven colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, White, and Multi-Color. We recommend to measure and plan installation prior to ensure best fitment.

Small Kit Includes                                             $300*

(For small 2-Door coupes)


Large Kit Includes                                             $320*

(Primarily for larger vehicles such as Trucks, SUV, etc.)


Wheel Well Kit Includes                              $260*

(For all vehicle wheel wells and UTV/Golf Carts)


Wild Kit Includes                                             $700*

(For Extreme Underglow enthusiasts and Jeeps)


*Listed Price does not include Multi-Color/RGB Upgrade Fee


(No reviews yet) Write a Review