Who is StreetGlow?
StreetGlow is a premium lighting manufacturer. We have over 27 years of lighting experience, providing the most affordable highest quality products on the market.
Why Choose StreetGlow?
We have been providing the most affordable highest quality lighting on the market for over 27 years.
Where can i buy StreetGlow products?
One can buy StreetGlow products here on our website, authorized StreetGlow dealers, Ebay and
How do i become an authorized StreetGlow Dealer?
To become an authorized StreetGlow dealer, give us a call 973.709.9000.
How do i get sponsored by StreetGlow?
Unfortunately, we are not providing any sponsorship's at this time.
What is the warranty StreetGlow's products?
StreetGlow's warranty varies by product. To find out more click "Warranty".
What is StreetGlow's Return Policy?
Please visit our Shipping and Return Page.
How durable are StreetGlow's products?
StreetGlow only manufactures the most durable, long-lasting products. If you feel you have received a defective product or are not satisfied with your product, please contact us about a return/repair or refund.
How do I install StreetGlow's products?
All StreetGlow products include proper in-depth instructions. If you are having difficulty with an install, don't hesitate to contact us.
What does 6500K mean?
6500K is referring to the color that is emitted from the light. 6500K is a cool white color temperature. Whitest light before turns blue.
What does 6000LM mean?
6000LM is referring the brightness of the light output. LM means Lumens
What is a Cree LED?
Cree LEDs are made in the US and look more natural while using significantly less energy than other lights, such as HIDs or Halogen. 
What does IP67 and IP68 mean?
 These numbers refer to how sturdy an electrical device is. IP67 means that a device can be submerged in a meter of water for half an hour, IP68 guarantees protection for a half an hour in up to 30 meters of water. 
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My item has not arrived, what's taking so long?
Sometimes items take longer than expected, especially if it’s going far or to rural area. Check with your tracking number to see if your item has been held up. Sometimes USPS, UPS, DHL will not update a tracking number until it has arrived at its destination. If your item still has not arrived after a few days, let us know so we can open a case for you.