Heavy Duty LED Strip

$30.00 - $140.00

Product Overview

Heavy Duty LED Strip

  • High Powered Tri-chip 5050 SMD LED Technology, 300/5m version
  • Dually insulated design ensures years of trouble-free illumination 
  • Flexible design allows for placement on curved surfaces
  • Perfects for all applications including RV, ATV, marine, truck beds, tool compartments, commercial trailers
  • Plug-n-Play waterproof connector
  • 3M® VHB® Tape 
  • One strip per package 

Designed to withstand the rigors of harsh environments, Heavy Duty LED Strips can be used wherever maximum light is required in tough commercial applications. Heavy Duty LED Strips utilize high powered tri-chip 5050 SMD LED's enclosed in a flexible black PVC casing. Dually insulated design ensures years of trouble-free illumination. Simple peel and stick 3M® VHB ® adhesive back tape with included stainless steel mounting screws makes installation a breeze. Dependable illumination for RV, all-terrain vehicles, marine, truck beds, tool compartments and commercial trailers to name a few. One per package.

Make Installation a Breeze with Our Wire Install Kit Or Check out our Preassembled LED Undercar Kits.

Note: When Planning installation, please add 3” to LED Strip length. Example HD24RGB: there is 24” of led strip and there is 1.5” of casing and end cap each side (3” total) resulting the strip to be a total length of 27”. Same formula goes for other sizes.

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