Gold Series Neon Replacement Parts
Gold Series Neon Replacement Parts
Gold Series Neon Replacement Parts
Gold Series Neon Replacement Parts

Gold Series Neon Replacement Parts

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Component: Hardware Pack

Gold Series Neon Hardware Pack

This comprehensive package includes clear installation instructions, 6 secure heat shrink solder connectors, 5 protective heat shrink tubes, a user-friendly plug-n-play wiring harness, 2 wire harness fuses, as well as 20 wire clamps, 22 wire screws, 18 tube clamps, and 20 tube screws for easy and secure installation. Optimize Your Gold Series® Neon Kit with a Refresh.

StreetGlow 20-foot GTO Wire

Easily cut to your desired length, this wire is your answer for extended installations or kit repairs. Equipped with 6 secure heat shrink solder connectors and 5 protective heat shrink tubes, it ensures durable and safe connections.

StreetGlow Gold Series Relay Harness

Simplify the connection between your SG9500 Controller and 12V Power with the StreetGlow Gold Series Neon Relay Harness. This harness ensures a seamless link, allowing you to effortlessly power up your neon lighting kit. Experience the convenience of a hassle-free installation and enjoy the vibrant glow of your StreetGlow Gold Series Neon lights like never before.

StreetGlow Neon Transformer

Enhance your StreetGlow Gold Series Neon Undercar Kit (SG201) with the direct replacement 7500 Volt Transformer. Specifically designed for effortless integration, this transformer ensures a smooth transition to elevate your lighting experience. For a seamless installation or replacement, pair it with our Plug-n-Play Gold Series Relay Harness. Transform your neon kit with ease and enjoy the brilliance of your StreetGlow Gold Series Neon like never before.

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Details & Care

Ensure optimal brightness by cleaning Neon Undercar Kits, LED Undercar Kits, and Heavy Duty LED Strips with soap and water, much like you clean your vehicle.

LED Headlight Kits, on the other hand, require no special maintenance post-installation, apart from routine external vehicle cleaning.