The Original Gold Series Neon Undercar Kit

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SG201: StreetGlow Gold Series Neon Undercar kit

Each gold series undercar kit comes with 2-51" Neon filled tubes for the sides, 2-30" Neon filled tubes for the front and rear, a powerful 7500v transformer, all necessary mounting hardware, and installation instructions. Each Neon filled tube is encapsulated in high impact Lexan® to withstand the toughest road conditions and elements. The gold series undercar kit is designed to withstand extreme competition levels. Truly the best undercar kit in the world. Built for the true auto-neon® enthusiast. Available in nine exotic colors.

These are all handmade in the USA and each and every neon tube is personally signed, numbered, inspected and given a stamp of approval by the CEO/Founder before it ships from our facility.

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Lifetime Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review