Heavy Duty LED Strips


A 5050 LED strip boasting high brightness, enclosed within an IP69K casing, engineered to endure all weather conditions, guaranteeing unparalleled durability.

Extremely Flexible

Crafted using resilient materials with exceptional elasticity, ensuring robustness and safeguarding against various environmental factors for versatile applications.

Unparallel Adhesion

All Heavy-Duty LED Strips come equipped with preinstalled 3M VHB Tape, ensuring long-lasting adhesion throughout various applications.

Details Matter

Added security is provided with screw holes and screws located at each end of the LED strip, reinforcing durability in challenging conditions.

Plug-N-Play Wiring

Comprehensive wiring kits meticulously designed to seamlessly fit every application, ensuring effortless installation.

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Bronco gets Heavy Duty LED Strips